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    Fibre turntable filter with low investment cost and high efficiency

    release time:2019-12-10


    A fiber weir is installed in the equipment of the fiber turntable filter, so that the water in the filter is evenly distributed, and the inlet has low disturbance. After the sewage is filtered through the filter cloth, the water weir filtering group is discharged through the collecting hollow pipe filter after filtering. During the cleaning process, filtration is still in progress, so filtration is performed throughout the operation. Cleaning: The sludge in the filtering part is absorbed in the fiber wool filter cloth, and a sludge layer is gradually formed. With the increase of sludge accumulation on the filter cloth, the filtration resistance of the filter cloth increases, and the water level gradually rises. When the liquid level of the pressure sensor in the filter changes, the liquid level in the pool can be set when cleaning in the pool (high water level), the expansion pump after the PLC starts and the cleaning process can be started, and the backwash time and cycle can be adjusted. The filter cloth sludge of the fiber rotary disc filter is discharged through the backwash pump through the backwash pump, and the filter can be continuously filtered during the cleaning process.

    Fiber rotary disc filter is an advanced filtering technology, with low investment, low operating cost, good wastewater quality, and has been tested in practice. This technology has the following characteristics: The urban sewage filter cloth has a large flow, and the filter cloth uses new nanofibers Materials, impurities are not easy to store, and also have the displacement characteristics of oil, so it is thoroughly cleaned, and the cloth damping filter cloth is small, so the flow of the cloth is increased. Good processing effect, gentle filtering of tiles, increased filtering depth, pore size reaches micron level, which can intercept small micron particle size, so the stability of water quality and wastewater is better than filtering particles and filtering sieving, its novel design, impact resistance The vertical design of the plate, the filtration principle is irrelevant, the flow filtration, more resistant to suspension concentration and larger effective particle suspension. The operation of the fiber turntable filter is: filtration, aftercare, sludge emptying, filter fiberboard filter: external inlet, sewage flows into the filter, so that the filter plate is immersed in the wastewater.

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