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    TM series filter cloth


    TM-5 filter cloth: suitable for projects without adding flocculant

    Filter cloth material: easy to clean 5D ultra-fine polyester sunny fiber blend, the base fabric has a tight structure and is not easy to shed, and it can be used at normal temperature below 80 ℃. The filter cloth is finely knitted with a density of 850g / m2, and the water output is stable.

    PH: This type of filter cloth is resistant to corrosion and can be used for a long time in the environment of PH5-9.

    Base fabric structure: The base fabric adopts plain weave. The elastic small stretch fabric is easy to deform, the fiber distribution is uniform, and the filtering accuracy is stable.

    Filtration principle: The fiber swells into an umbrella shape and quickly forms a filter layer. It can effectively remove suspended matter in water with an accuracy of less than 10 micrometers. When suctioned under negative pressure, the fiber is harvested into strips, which can efficiently and quickly remove the fiber layer and enter the fiber. Of ultra-fine suspended matter, backwash thoroughly.

    Water inlet and outlet indicators: suspended solids in the water SS≤30mg / L (peak SS≤80mg / L), SS≤10mg / L

    Influent water is stable at suspended matter concentration SS≤30mg / L Water flux 6-9 m³ / ㎡ / h

    (The filtration rate depends on the viscosity effect of the front-end dosing time and dosing amount on the water quality)

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