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    Semi-immersed biological filter


    The BC biological turntable is a bioreactor for aerobic treatment of sewage. It consists of a water tank and a set of discs. The lower part of the disc is immersed in water, and the upper part of the disc is exposed to the air. The organic pollutants are adsorbed and biologically oxidized repeatedly, so that the sewage is purified.

    The biofilm wastewater treatment technology with low operating costs, energy saving, high efficiency, strong impact load resistance, stable and reliable operation, and convenient management and maintenance is not only suitable for treating domestic sewage and municipal sewage, but also used in chemical fiber, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, brewing, manufacturing It has also been widely used in the wastewater treatment of leather, papermaking, gas generation stations and other industries, and has achieved good results. Especially suitable for small and medium sewage treatment plants.

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